The Obama Visit

November 9th 2010, Barrack Obama the president of the united states just visited my country, the beloved Indonesia.

Extra security was in no doubt:
Air force one checked
Marine one checked
Secret service checked
Snipers checked
Cops checked
Serious traffic jam due to closed roads checked

Well I’ve seen on tv so many times, so obama didn’t interest me too much. that was before i watched his speech at Universitas Indonesia (UI). I went to college at UI by the way, got a degree for chemical engineering, but here I am serving in the multifinance company.

The opening speech was tremendous, he really knows how to win the Indonesians by showing how he’s a part of indonesia, bring back some memories with the bakso and the sate :). Indonesians love him at that time, if this is a general election, give him a month and i bet he’ll be chosen by a landslide to become our next president.

His aura and energy was amazing, i could feel it though i just watched him on youtube. damn his the man.

I believe obama is trying ensure the moslems that he is at peace with them, no more terrorist acts are necessary, hey the guy is visiting the largest moslem population country in the world.

All and all, i say good job obama, i would vote for you if you were here last election, i hope your mission to make peace with the moslem world is accomplished.



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